Imagine if all the hours you spend driving could make you money… Imagine no more because it can. When you are driving you are in what has the potential to be a mobile billboard. How often do you drive past a car with business signage on it, and find yourself reading the phone number, or admiring the design? Vehicle signage is a very effective way to promote your business and be seen by lots of potential customers.

Benefits of Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage is Cost Effective!
Vehicle Signage may be the cheapest form of marketing you invest in. It’s one upfront payment, for a marketing tool that literally goes with you everywhere you do.

Potential Impressions
Nearly 2/3 of Australians drive to work in a private vehicle. Every day when you drive your mobile billboard car, thousands of eyes are seeing your brand. If you’re a local business this is an awesome tool, because driving around locally helps your business be seen by the market you are targeting. Even a trip to the service station to buy some milk could result in a new client or sale.

Business’s with branded cars may be perceived as more professional because they have gone out of their way to convey their brand. It also helps to create positive brand recall in customers. This happens when people are regularly exposed to your brand and can easily remember it. When a customer needs to find a service or product in the future and come across your business, they are more likely to use your services.

Be careful though and remember that the way you drive will also reflect your business. You do not want to create negative brand awareness in potential customers. Drive sensibly and remember that your business name and number are there for all to see, you are not anonymous.

Vehicle Signage is cost effective, easy to apply and remove and has amazing benefits. Contact us to discuss the benefits vehicle signage could bring to your business.