With just over two months to go until Christmas, special offers and seasonal signage will start to make an appearance on shopfront windows. Window signage is a cost effective, attention grabbing form of advertising, where you can make the most of whatever area you have available to promote your business. Think of the last time you walked through a shopping centre… just about every store had some form of signage on their window right? You probably notice when Bonds has 30% off, and Peter Alexander are encouraging you to “Spoil Mum this Mothers Day”- It’s a very effective form of advertisement.

Window advertising does not have to be permanent, which is what makes it so convenient! Throughout the year there are a number of occasions and sales from Easter, to Mothers Day, to the end of financial year. Each of these occasions or sales require different signage. Simply peel off an old sign and replace it with a brand new business sign!

Most of the window signs we create use economical easy to apply and easy to remove vinyl. These signs are customisable, to create and personalise the message you would like your customers to receive. The signs are easily removable, up to 12 months! 

Take advantage of the passing traffic to get your message out with this economical for of advertising for your next promotion. Every time a person walks past your shop front, they will be exposed to your brand, your offerings and your deals. An American survey conducted by FedEx, found that 80% of people entered a shop because of outstanding signage, and almost 70% of customers purchased a product because of signage. Imagine the effect a great sign on your window could have on your business!